… Teeling Small Batch Whiskey.

When the storm hits, and you’re working from home, all you (well, I) want is a hot whiskey, or an Irish coffee. I find both so warming and they’re perfect when you’re spending the day listening to the wind howl outside.

Yesterday we heard countless warnings about not making any unnecessary journeys. Turns out, not only did I not make any unnecessary journeys, I didn’t make any necessary ones either! While all the smart people were stocking up before Hurricane Ophelia hit, I didn’t do any groceries. Which means I’m stuck with pasta (unless the electricity goes, in which case I’m stuck with nothing, don’t kill me mom) and I’ve no cream for an Irish coffee or lemon for a hot whiskey. Major first world problems, but when you’re a whiskey addict like me, you want a drink on a day like this.

I first tasted Teeling Small Batch two years ago, just after the Teeling Whiskey Distillery opened, and I’ve been a fan ever since. One of the things I like most about this whiskey is it varies slightly because, as the title suggests, it’s made in small batches. The whiskey is a blend of Irish malt and grain whiskeys finished in ex-rum barrels for six months, bottled at 46% and non-chill filtered. Teelings Small Batch whiskey was awarded double gold at The San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2015, earned ‘Best Blended Whiskey’ at the 2016 Irish Whiskey Awards, and was awarded a gold medal at the Irish Whiskey Masters, to name but a few of its accolades.

A great use for this whiskey is as the base for an Irish coffee. As far as I’m concerned the best place to have one in Dublin is at The Rag Trader Bar on Drury Street, where they make a Teelings specific Irish coffee using the Teelings stout syrup, link for recipe here.

It’s rare for me to drink a whiskey with ice but I find one cube really impacts this whiskey, especially because it’s at the higher alcohol percentage. The small batch is sweet and fruity on the palate with lots of apples and pears, and a gorgeous mouthfeel. Be sure to let me know if you have a dram! 🥃

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